Grilled Sea food is a sure favorite that cooks within minutes
and is ready to serve. Shrimp for instance has been growing in popularity as
more and more people realize its nutritional value. So then, what goes
good with grilled shrimp?

Vegetable salad

Salads are an excellent side dish for all seasons. It makes for good
presentation by bringing in a bit more color and variety. Top choice vegetables
include green beans, tomatoes, lettuces, garlic and so on.

Preparation typically involves chopping the vegetables into smaller pieces.
They can be steamed or served raw depending on the chosen combinations. Sauce
is a great option that brings out an interesting flavor.

Fruit salads

Ripened fruits have a characteristic appeasing smell and taste. Their salads
offer a chance to marinade the crispy taste of the grilled salmon with the
fleshy feel of fruit fibers. The real benefit of enjoying this blend is an
appetizing dish with many inherent ingredients that go well together.

Top choices are apple, yellow squash, cucumber, mango and watermelon.

Mashed potatoes

French fries and mashed potatoes are great filler dishes which can be served
with grilled salmon. The serving can be such that a third of the plate contains
the starch, a third the shrimp while the remainder is for vegetable or fruit

One can transform grilled shrimp into a savory treat each and every time it is
prepared. There are some exceptionally wonderful combinations that will
definitely be adopted as sure favorites from the moment they are discovered.

The trick behind any well received rations is to keep things simple all the
while trying out new flavors. Take up recommendation and feedback from the

Tip: Sauces bring in a special taste that will make the meal an absolute
pleasure. Have a ready beverage at the table as it goes hand in hand with seafood.
Wine makes a great choice

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